Smoke is the major killer in building fires, and smoke control

provides significant protection from the threat of smoke.

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AtriumCalc 1.1 is the latest version, and users of earlier versions need to download this new version.

A few years ago, John Klote heard an engineer say that he had designed his first atrium smoke control system and that the calculations only took six hours. The calculations would have taken Klote about six minutes with his proprietary Microsoft® Excel® application. AtriumCalc is an improved version of that proprietary application that is available free of charge for people who have purchased the Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering from ASHRAE.

For one year, the Beta version of AtriumCalc was evaluated by members of ASHRAE TC 5.6, members of the NFPA Smoke Management Committee, and other interested professionals. In response to this evaluation, AtriumCalc was made more user-friendly. For AtriumCalc, the term “atrium” is used in a generic sense to mean any large-volume space such as an atrium, sports arena, multi-story hotel lobby, enclosed shopping mall or airplane hangar. AtriumCalc is for both I-P and SI units.

AtriumCalc consists of a number of routines that are consistent with the equations in the ASHRAE Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering and the 2012 NFPA 92 Standard for Smoke Control Systems. The International Building Code requires that atrium smoke control systems be designed in accordance with NFPA 92.

AtriumCalc Routines:

Each routine has a page consisting of the project title, appropriate graphics, relevant equations, input, and output. The page for each routine can be printed and inserted in an engineering report. Some engineers use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for analysis of atrium smoke control systems, and CFD has many advantages. However, CFD simulations are very time consuming and require a high level of expertise. The equation approach used in AtriumCalc can be used to analyze an atrium smoke control system. Further, AtriumCalc can be used to obtain initial values for a CFD analysis thus reducing the number of CFD simulations needed.

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