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Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering

 John Klote headed a three year effort that resulted in this Handbook. He was fortunate to have the support of an outstanding group of coauthors and reviewers. The publisher is ASHRAE, and the ICC, SFPE and NFPA are copublishers. ASHRAE has a special member price for the handbook, and the copublishers may have special member prices.  This handbook is an exhaustive treatment of smoke control systems and related topics. 

Pressurization Smoke Control

 The most common pressurization smoke control systems are pressurized stairwells, pressurized elevators, and zoned smoke control. 

Atrium Smoke Control

Most atrium smoke control rely exhausting smoke from the large space to maintain a “smoke free” layer below the smoke layer.  

Transport Tunnels

Airflow is commonly used to control smoke during fires in tunnels, and a variety of approaches can be used to control smoke in tunnels.

Research & Fire Tests

Smoke control systems are verified by extensive research including fire tests. These systems need to be designed by engineers familiar with this technology.  


About Handbook (pdf)